The Yellow Butterfly Top

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Product Description

  • For the days you feel like being a drop of sunshine in a sea of beiges, grays, and neutrals. 
  • Bright yellow handwoven fabric featuring 'weft ikat' artisan craft. 
  • Top is hand-stitched in Mumbai by a team of talented tailors
  • Available in sizes Small and Medium | *See size guide for more details.
  • Limited Inventory - Once Sold Out, Pre-Order will be made available.  


The Story Behind the Fabric of this damn cute fit

This piece features the "weft ikat" craft of handloom. Ikat is similar to tie-dye, as its process requires the use of resist dyeing to produce elaborate patterns. Ikat fabrics often feature symmetrical motifs and geometric shapes. The process of Ikat, can be done using different sub-techniques: these are warp ikatweft ikat and double ikat. The differences in these sub-techniques result in each one's distinct and unique pattern, giving the Ikat craft its interesting layers of variety.