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Tie Dye: The Deconstructed Crop Top in Seafoam

$75.00 USD

 Product Description

  • Tie dye is the trend of the season. Sustainable is the trend of the century. We're all about mixing the ultra modern with the ancient and traditional, and that's exactly what this top embodies. 
  • Soft hues of blue and white intermingle in this statement crop to be noticed.  
  • Fabric sourced from  rural artisans performing the Shibori art of hand-dyed textiles. 
  • Top is hand-stitched in Mumbai by a team of talented tailors
  • Available in sizes Small and Medium | *See size guide for more details.
  • Limited Inventory - Once Sold Out, Pre-Order will be made available.  


The Story Behind the Fabric of this damn cute fit

This piece features "Shibori", the hand-dyed mother of the tie-dye pattern we so love and cherish today. Yes that's right, before you were tie-dying t-shirts in kindergartens, artisans all over Asia were practicing this rich and historic handicraft for centuries.

Shibori is a style of tie and dye, originating from the root word "shiboru", the Japanese word meaning "to wring, squeeze, or press". And that's exactly what is done by hand to produce the final textile you see before you. Shibori is an embellishment of cloth through the process of shaping it, then tying it while dying it (yes we rhymed), to create a unique pattern, often in vibrant hues of color. Feast your eyes on the original tie-dye. And why not own it too?