The Peasant Corset Top

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Woodblock printed, casual corset, using the centuries old craft of Ajrak. In this textile art, wooden blocks are hand carved with a desired motif, then dipped in natural, vegetable dyes and printed onto the fabric, creating the beautiful print you see. 

The top features gorgeous and dramatic cotton puffy sleeves, with a delicate floral pattern. The deep red bodice comes with a geometric motifs that contrast beautifully wwith the floral sleeves. The back is a corset style tie-back, with a flap that can be closed to allow you to wear a bra if needed, or left open. 

  • 100% cotton and vegetable dyed
  • Hand-wash separately in cold water, as is our standard  
  • Sizes will fill SM-M (bust 32-36C)
  • Please note larger sizes may need to keep back flap open to accommodate width 
  • Model is bust size 32A