Vegetable Dyed: The Puff-Sleeve Top & Matching Frilly Skirt

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  • A daytime set you won't want to take off at night.. 
  • Blood red fabric featuring delicate floral pattern - sourced from a tribe of rural artisans in the northern deserts of Gujarat, India.
  • Outfit is hand-stitched in Mumbai by a team of talented tailors
  • Available in sizes Small and Medium | *See size guide for more details.
  • Limited Inventory - Once Sold Out, Pre-Order will be made available.  


The Story Behind the Fabric:

This piece features "Ajrak" wood-block printing, where natural dyes, colored using only fruits of the earth, are stamped onto the vibrant fabric you see. Unlike other processes of printing on cloth, where the color is applied directly to the cloth, in Ajrak block printing, the fabric is first printed with a resist paste and then dyed. The process is repeated again and again with different kinds of dyes, to eventually achieve the final pattern in the deep red and blue hues. This gradual process is also very time consuming, as the longer an artisan waits before beginning the next step, the more vivid the final print becomes. Thus, the entire process can take up to two weeks resulting in the creation of the beautiful eye-catching patterns of the Ajrak.