What percentage of our profits go to our artisans

We’re often asked what percentage of our profits go to our artisans. It can be 25%, or 50%, or 75%, or we may not make any profit, or, in some cases we may incur a loss too. Our workers are not our employees. They work for themselves. They’re entrepreneurs and we buy the textile from them if we fall in love with it with preconceived design in mind. It could be a few months later or sometimes even two years later that we may design something with the fabric. What the garment is priced at depends on complexity of design, detailing, cost of tailoring, shipping, customs, and many factors at the time. We believe that those who have lived creating and selling their craft for centuries know how to price their products in keeping with the market forces that govern them. They are not looking for handouts. They’re creative entrepreneurs and are looking for ways to continue creating. Buying from them at the price they set ensures that they can do that. They create and sell with pride and we buy and sell in keeping with market forces that govern us. We do not have a fixed percentage of profits that we give them.  We are not their saviors and they’re not asking to be saved. Our business helps to sustain their craft and community and their work gives us art and beauty that we seek. We believe that it’s a much better alternative to mass produced fast fashion and hope you believe the same 🙏🏽
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