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Fabric Facts.

Our clothes are one size fits all. Sexy knows no size!

Many of our tops are reconstructed from vintage pieces of fabric and hand embroidered patches of textile. They are not derived from mass produced rolls of fabric and therefore some designs in particular are only available in very limited quantities. So, if you happen to be the lucky one in possession of one of our tubes you can be sure that you will be exclusive, you will be authentic, and of course you will be smokin' hot.

Our clothes are simple and hold up with ties with virtually no use of buttons and zips. You will need help getting into them. So, grab your bestie to tie those ties that will hold your top and bonds in place.

Finally, the wonderful colors of the some of the fabrics are mostly created with vegetable dyes and may run color. Dry cleaning is a small price for organic fabric touching your skin, don't ya think?