What We Learned From the Hut People.

 We hope to share these tangible treasures, along with a message. Or rather, a mentality.   This message is the whispers of a clan of people, like you and I. Indigenous folk, tribals, artisans, villagers. They go by many names across the globe. To us, they are The Hut People, a clan of beautiful humans, living in beautiful little huts. Huts lit by the glow of battery operated fluorescent lamps. Huts teeming with red ants that sting like crabs. Huts with thatched roofs and cracked mud walls. And yet, Huts painted in vibrant hues of pastel colors. Huts inlaid, intricately with mirrors. Huts cushioned by mirror-work tapestries that cover the floors and drape the walls. Through these fascinating people, we learned to see the beauty around us. We learned to expand our conceptions of what it means to be beautiful:

To be beautiful is to be alive, to be human. And nothing does being human more justice than the use of unabashed, bold, and raw human expression, our voice, our outlet through which we tell the world and ourselves, that we are beautiful, because of our differences, not our similarities, because of our supposed flaws and asymmetries, because of those tears through which we grieve, those wrinkles through which we worry, because of those smiles through which we laugh, cherish, and love.

Hut Mentality is about so much more than clothes. We're about unique and stunning fabrics made by equally unique and stunning people, yes. We're about owning our sensuality through our style, rather than being ashamed of it. But beyond that, Hut Mentality is truly about the story told in the fabric. A story about The Hut People, their dying art, and their way of life: bold expression of oneself that above all else, celebrates authenticity, rawness, and simply, being human.

This is a way of life we can all learn from, Hut People, or not.