Our Ethos and Stance

Our Ethos & Stance


We believe that the clothing industry should not only consider the personal style of the wearer, but also her personality, her lifestyle, and most of all, her humanness. 


The unabashed expression of self through movement and expression in the world is our very human desire. We yearn to breathe life into our bodies our creations -

anything we do and touch - and ultimately, to give fruition to the vibrancy of our souls.


Hut Mentality doesn't showcase trend. We're not just here for fashion, and fashion alone. Our clothes - from beginning to end - are hand-embroidered and stitched with a passion to express a rare and dying tradition through art.

Through our clothes and our brand, we aim to above all else, celebrate the very core of the human spirit: passion.

..how this passion yearns to find a voice, to speak the truths of our deepest soul emotion.

..how this passion frees us, in its quest to find true and unabashed expression, expression that is untethered by expectation.


Our limited collection of bold, delicately designed items of clothing is a dedication to 'junoon' the hindi word for intense passion of the human spirit. It is in the things infused with junoon, that we remember how to be human again.