Defining Hut Mentality

The Core of Our Brand:

What is Hut Mentality?

Simply put, our clothes, our brand, and the core of our ethos can be defined through one single world:


Indelible means memorable, unforgettable. Something that leaves a mark. Something that evokes curiosity. 

The artisans with their craft, the tailors with their touches, the clothes with their uniqueness, and those who wear them with their caring. 

Every component that comprises Hut Mentality is purely indelible

 Hut Mentality was created with the passion to bring new meaning to the clothes we wear. Our clothes are made with passion by hand not machine, and made of natural materials like organic cotton hand printed with vegetable dyes. Our clothes are for the trendsetter who stands for something, the girl with a story. 

They are for the ones that strive to be not only noticed, but remembered. 
The world travelers and festival goers who throw their head back unapologetically, who see the chance for their own voice to be a mouthpiece for others. Hut Mentality is for those who leave their stamp on the world in the best way possible - boldly and fearlessly.


We hope we've found our tribe, and we hope you've found yours. 


With love,

Isha Punja 

Founder, Hut Mentality 

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