The Yellow Mirage Top

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  • For the days you feel like being a drop of sunshine in a sea of beiges, grays, and neutrals. 
  • Gumdrop yellow embroidered tie-back halter, featuring mesh panel detailing.
  • Fabric is sourced from a tribe of rural artisans in the northern deserts of Gujarat, India.
  • Handmade in Mumbai by a team of talented tailors
  • One Size - Limited Stock.
  • Will fit U.S. sizes XS - M, bust 32-36 | *See size guide for more details.
  • No Pre-Order option, due to rare procurement of craft. 


The Story Behind the Fabric of this damn cute fit

This piece features 'Sisha' mirror-work embroidery done by the female artisans of a nomadic tribe in the northern deserts of Gujarat, India, roughly 200 miles south from the border to Pakisan.

*This handcrafted textile is from a tucked away corner of the world, and the very few people left who know how to make it. It is incredible precious - priceless actually - and is available in limited stock only. If sold out, option to pre-order unavailable, as this art is incredibly rare and hard to come by.