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  • Pure, cotton bandana top like no other.
  • Made by artisans using an ancient craft which is over 500 years older called Dabu printing. This is a mud resist type of printing technique in which prints are created with hand carved wooden blocks are dipped in dye and stamped into the fabric. A layer of mud made is all natural materials is applied on to the fabric. The fabric is then dyed in vegetable and eco-friendly dyes revealing a beautiful print with slightly blurry edges which lends a unique aesthetic to the textile.
  • Warm-toned hues, perfect for a neutral daytime look
  • Secure, lightweight and airy cotton fabric with a chiffon sash to tie chiffon, 'dupatta' fabric. 
  • Not sheer
  • Adjustable width at the bust allows this top to fit a 32-38 inch bust. 
  • Fits sizes US XS-M