The Ethical Party Dress: Polka Dot Uprising

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 Product Description

  • Well here's a mix of everything you didn't think was possible in an LBD unlike any other: artisan made, a statement, a trend, a homage to the 80's, and lastly, the kind of dress your mother wore to prom. 
  • Loud flare meets structured statement to complement, never clash. It's never about how big you go, but how well you decorate your big and bold, after all. 
  • Deep cut neckline with bust detailing 
  • Short to mid thigh, and slightly fitted
  • Size zipper closer | Woven cotton | Lined
  • Not Sheer
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium and Large.  | *See size guide for more details.
  • Limited Inventory - Once Sold Out, Pre-Order will be made available.  


The Story Behind the Fabric of this damn cute fit

Ahh the beauty of handloomed fabrics. We could talk all day about this number. Handlooming is perhaps the most symbolic historic representation of India's past, coming to embody the artisans who defied India's colonization by the British. When people think of handloom, many are reminded of Gandhi, and other strong figures who practiced the craft under subjugation. We are so proud of this beautiful art, because it stands for the very core of our collection: liberation. This dress is 100% cotton woven on a hand loom and handstamped with gold polka dots, or "buttis". Through the centuries, traditional designs by artisans have often included the stamping of embroidered dots, in various sizes and patterns, on textiles.