The Checkmate Purse

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Product Description

  • The striking and timeless Checkmate Purse is truly one of a kind. The stone and brass bag is inlaid with with alternating white and black stonework to bring your look a sense of edge and individualism.
  • The bag is decorated in intricately crafted gold metalwork, lending this piece a feeling of modernity mixed with antique charm.
  • The handiwork is very intricate and unique, making this bag a great statement accessory, pretty enough to wear - heck pretty enough to frame and hang on a wall.
  • These artisans belong to communities that were renowned for their skill in brass sculpting. Due to globalization, there has been a drastic decline in demand for their craft, so they now create these beautiful bags to sustain their livelihood.
  • Its chain is 25 inches long, and will sit right above the waist on most.