The Bandhani Wrap Skirt

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  • Product Description

    • The softest cotton, artisan made wrap skirt there every existed in this entire freaking universe, ok?  
    • Deep red fabric featuring small polka dots, a trademark stamp of the Bandhani craft.
    • Fabric sourced from skilled rural artisans in the northern deserts of Gujarat, India.
    • Outfit is hand-stitched in Mumbai by a team of talented tailors
    • Available in sizes Small and Medium | *See size guide for more details.
    • Limited Inventory - Once Sold Out, Pre-Order will be made available.  


    The Story Behind the Fabric of this damn cute fit

    This fabric has been created by village artisans in Gujarat using the age old tradition of Bandhani, a tie-dye technique dated back around 5000 years. Every piece is unique as each spot is individually hand tied by artisans. Women build independence and confidence as they are able to work from home, running their households whilst earning an income. The men process the dying using organic natural dyes. Training is provided to teach new artisans the correct techniques which in turn improve economic, environmental and social conditions of the rural community whose cause we have taken up as our own.