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The Little Hut People.

Posted on October 11 2017

The Little Hut People.

These sisters were the first to greet us, and the first to inspire us on our trip.

Something about these two cuties struck us. Standing in the doorway of their family's hut with playful curiosity towards the camera lens, they showed us the perfect beauty of raw and unabashed human emotion. Human expression for the sake of expression. These two little hut people touched our souls and captivated our minds, all in the simple act of smiling.  We realized that experiencing such immediate warmth and vulnerability from complete strangers was unfamiliar to us, coming straight from the nestles of suburbia. From here, a mother-daughter vacation became a decision to tell the story of the indigenous tribals in the Great Salt Desert. And to do it through their craft -  hand-embroidered textiles. Thus began an entrepreneurial journey, one founded on the belief that we as humans share an intrinsic bond that ties us together.